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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Silly Cravings: Homemade Egg & Cheese Tortilla

Silly Cravings ~ "Many people think it's crazy. Some call it a disorder. I call it happiness." .Skye.

Silly Cravings is my blog's new series featuring specific types of food that I'm currently obsessed with and consuming it repeatedly for a decent amount of time. Check my first entry HERE.

Leaning towards the healthy side (i guess!) this 100% whole wheat, soft, medium tortillas pleased my palate. Heating it on a medium setting, flip over to expose the warm side of the tortilla and pour the whisked egg on it. It will automatically stick until it cooks. Transfer it in a plate, put cheese then roll. Cut it in half like in the picture. Serve with a glass of orange juice.

You can definitely experiment on your tortilla if you want to add something on it. Always do what makes you happy. Enjoy!

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