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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Silly Cravings: Nacho All The Way by Taco Mac

Is it just me or is there anyone else out there who have an uncontrollable urge to consume the same type of food repeatedly over a certain period of time? Many people think it's crazy. Some call it a disorder. I call it happiness. This will be the first of the series called "Silly Cravings".

This month I have just been ordering one of my all-time favorites Nacho All The Way from Taco Mac over and over. Most of the time I crave for it at midnight. Thank goodness they open until 2AM. And thank goodness my husband is very supportive to go out and get them for me #spoiledwife. I promise it is not a PMS thing. This is just the way I am.

Composed of crispy tortilla chips smothered with chili, seasoned ground beef, red beans, cheese, jalapeño, onions, tomatoes and shredded lettuce. As you can see in the photo, I separate the jalapeño because I don't like it. But it left just a perfect amount of tang in there. It is served with their homemade salsa and most importantly, the yummy sour cream. It's what completes it. Hea-ven!

Let me know if you also enjoy this one or tell me what your favorites are so I can try it. Do what makes you happy!

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